Successful plastic surgery occurs when the physician has the opportunity to capture your patient’s idealizations, questions, complaints, dissatisfaction and proposes a treatment plan that achieves or exceeds their expectations. The process becomes complete when the patient feels safe and doctor, based on their formation, skill and constant updates, can exert plastic surgery with excellence, generating harmonics and natural results.

Most people show something that would like to change or become more balanced in both in body and face. In a tropical country where the body is on display in many situations, charging for proportion and body contouring is large, as in patients with small breasts. The placement of silicone breast can generate that balance.

The face says a lot to the world about you. The appearance of the signs of the loss of skin elasticity, loss of definition of facial lines and appearance of wrinkles can generate aspect of tiredness and sadness. The well executed facial lifting can remove these signals by repositioning facial structures.

The nose is another very important point because it is largely responsible for the facial proportions. Surgery for correction of nasal disorders is rhinoplasty. Indicated for correction of the shape of the nose and correction of the airway, generating improvement of facial balance.