Leandro Pellarin M.D.

Dr. Leandro Pellarin is graduated at the School of Medicine of the University of São Paulo (USP). His perfectionism and admiration of harmonic shapes made him choose Plastic Surgery as his specialty.

During his preparation, he was a resident doctor for two years in the General Surgery Program of the Clinics Hospital, associated to USP – pre-requirement for Plastic Surgery. At the end of the course he was approved first place in the Plastic Surgery specialization examination, in the same hospital. At the end of three years of residency, he worked as a Preceptor Physician, i.e., as one of those who are responsible for organizing the medical residency program in Plastic Surgery and as the responsible for the resident physicians of this area in the Clinics Hospital during a year.

During his training, the interest for complex cases, as well as the search for the details, led him to dedicate to Reconstructive Microsurgery – a Plastic Surgery specialty, on which the surgeries are conducted using a microscope, in cases on which the transfer of skin, fat, muscle or bone is conducted in order to reconstruct areas affected by cancer of severe accidents.

Such learning was essential for the next step: the definite choice for Esthetic Plastic Surgery, an area on which an intense anatomical and surgical knowledge is required, besides the concern on details and shapes.

Sure about his vocation and the need for improvement, he went to the best graduation centers, such as the Meeth (Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital) in New York, the United States. Also in that country, he went through trainee programs with doctors Daniel Baker and Bruce Connel, two very experienced surgeons and acknowledged in Esthetic Plastic Surgery in the cities of New York and Los Angeles, respectively. In Brazil, he is a member of the team of one of the most respected plastic surgeons in São Paulo, with significant performance in facial surgery, rhinoplasty, breast and body contour surgeries.


The quality of life in big cities, such as São Paulo, as well as the requirements of a more and more globalized world, submitted people to a frenetic rhythm on which it is not always possible to have much time to dedicate to health and well being. To have long periods of time for recovery following a surgery, has become practically unfeasible.

Based on this reality, we are committed to provide the patients with the best results at the shorter recovery time, so that they can return to their daily activities as soon as possible.

Thanks to the entire dedication of a team with solid scientific graduation and alert to all the details involving the treatment, from the initial evaluation to postoperative care, it is possible. Everything is carefully planned in order to guarantee agility in the procedures and total safety to patient.

Safety acquired also with frequent updates on the best surgical techniques and continuous care with anesthesia and postoperative care, besides the policy of treating Plastic Surgery with responsibility and respect, as well as any medical specialty. All these basic aspects offered by the Plastic Surgery Clinic Dr. Leandro Pellarin.